Fedora 13 Talking Points

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So with 13 alpha just around the corner I figure I’d cover MY favourite Talking Points. The complete list can be found here.

NetworkManager improvements include CLI

Being a command line junkie myself, this is a very welcome addition. I happen to think that it will also make the lives of us that run headless servers easier. Plus all of the “power users” can quit complaining about the “dumbing down” of Linux :)

Experimental 3D extended to free Nouveau driver

This comes from Fedora/Red Hat’s commitment to FOSS alternatives to proprietary drivers. Though I’ve heard that the performance specs are not on par with nVidia’s drivers, but it is still a huge step in the right direction. Don’t worry folks you’ll still be able to use the proprietary nVidia driver too.


Once again Fedora is the first to offer this :) What this means is that users will be able to download one small image and be able to install current and future versions of Fedora without having to do any more downloads of images. It looks like boot.fedoraproject.org is on it’s way to completely replacing DVD downloads. Another first for the Fedora Project (did I already mention that?)


Once again another first for Fedora!! NFSv4 is set to offer increase performance and seamless transition for the end-user. It will also fall back to other versions if required by the NFS server. Also another major step forward is support for IPv6.

System rollback with btrfs

btrfs capability of creating lightweight filesystem snapshots and being able to mount and boot into them is an administrators dream. This makes me feel safer to experiment with other craziness because I know yesterday’s filesystem is there and can be restored quickly and easily. More info:



and finally..

Moblin Spin

Yes I have finally decided to jump on the netbook bandwagon, so this spin is set to become very important to me. I tested the Moblin(beta) LiveCD on the wife’s Acer Aspire 5735 and it seemed pretty sweet, but wait till my new shiny eeePC 1005HA gets here for a full review.

Well that about covers it for the Fedora 13 talking points from my perspective, check out the list and let us know what your most excited about in the comments. Later.


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