Something new comin in 10.10. OOO!

By now most of you know that new look that Ubuntu 10.04 will bring, you know the one which will have the close, minimize/maximize buttons on the left. There’s been a lot of criticisms about that style looking too much like Mac OS. Mark ShuttleWorth responded to those criticisms saying he got “something new” planned for 10.10.
He says that the reason he put the button on the left is because he will be using the right side for “something new“, interesting ehhh….
So I ask you Linuxers, What do you think that something new might be?

Will it be something that will order pizza for you?

I don’t know you tell me, so leave you responses in the comments section below!

That’s it for this rather short post, see you next time :)

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13 Responses to “Something new comin in 10.10. OOO!”

  1. Drmgiver says:

    It will allow you to take over the world!

  2. fadaken says:

    lets hope and pray for the naught-bit distro!

  3. mpalen19 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they added an applications start menu option and possibly easy access to the terminal from there… but who knows time will tell.

  4. Jason Harvey says:

    A button to activate your lightsaber of course! Pffft! What else could it possibly be?

  5. commodore256 says:


    I think I cracked the code!

  6. H4x0r18 says:

    It could be where you add your favorite stuff to. Like programs, but I’m sure its all ready been done. Uhh..I really dunno. Its very hard to imagine what he would add. Maybe an online shop? Games?

  7. bob says:

    auto porn button?

  8. juanclunac says:

    in the case of Mozilla, take control over the Internet off course, the other windows is to take control over……. the Internet off course :)

  9. Brumm says:

    Maybee you could include a review of the new Elementary and Ambiance GTK themes.

    My ubuntu won`t run gnome-shell , but these new themes look really awsome. Maybee there is a future for Gnome-shell afterall. :)

  10. Keljaden says:

    It would be awesome if the left side had a terminal button that would open a terminal at that directory…might be interesting how it would handle root then though.

    The ability to upload or compress the entire folder and its contents would be nice. Upload it to ubuntu one or dropbox.

  11. Britt Yazel says:

    Running the RC and so far nothing is in the upper right hand corner. I am a bit disappointed by this. They also took out the nice transparency that was near the top of all the unfocused windows. This was also a major bummer because I really liked that subtle effect.

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