Why I love Fedora / Linux

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Have you ever had one of those moments where something that happened has made you realize how much you love this whole Fedora thing (I’m going with Fedora here because that happens to be the place/distro where I witnessed this, I’m sure the same can be found in other distros).

Now the story: Last night around midnight I was hanging out in #twil on freenode, arguing with someone over why you can’t blame the Fedora Project for nVidia problems (that’s for another post). Anyways my buddy jkeyes0, who runs This Week In Linux, was having issues with kdenlive on his laptop.

Apparently a recent upgrade had upgraded the KDE libs to 4.4 and was causing clips not to snap to the timeline, this problem made him have to revert to his (his words) “somewhat ancient” desktop and was generally just making his life hard. I happened to remember that rrix from the Marketing team had mentioned that he was in the process of taking ownership of the kdenlive package. So I sent jkeyes0 to #rpmfusion to see if rrix could help. Well long story short, rrix was aware of the problem and knew a fix was coming, but he went out of his way and built a .rpm for jkeyes0 that fixed the issue, so in a matter of minutes we went from “oh no, what are we going to do?” to “The show can go on!”

Rrix claims that this was really “no big deal”, and I’m sure it wasn’t for him, but stop and put yourself in jkeyes0’s shoes. This was a BIG deal for him, a major tool used in making his show happen was broke, but thanks to this wonderful community that we have he was back up and running in no time at all. It is times like these that make me proud to be a part of this community. I don’t think you’ll ever get someone from Adobe or Microsoft on the line at midnight to get a fix for some of their broken software. I think that there is a good lesson in here for the newbies out there: If you have a problem I can just about guarantee your not the first to have it and if your willing to do some searching I’ll bet you’ll find the answer. I’d like to hear about your “I’m so in love” with Linux moments, leave a comment and share them with us all. That’s it for this post. A big thanks to rrix for going out of his way to help and be sure to head over to linuxserbia.com to check out the show that can now go on!!

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  1. nicu says:

    Ah, that’s awesome: I was hit today by the same problem with snapping in timelines, got frustrated since I had work to get done with it, got vocal and rdieter pointed me to your blog. I am not alone :D

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