Awesome comic

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4 Responses to “Awesome comic”

  1. etank says:

    Too true. I am this close |–| to deleting my Facebook account. It isn’t like I am on there often as it is.

  2. TWILadminjkeyes0 says:

    Heh. I have to say, I haven’t even considered it yet. I keep in touch with entirely too many people from high school, family members, and friends who aren’t on IRC/Twitter to give it up. It’s a sadly necessary evil.

  3. AdanOva says:

    We’ll have to wait until diaspora comes out…

  4. dutchy says:

    LOL, good one. Don’t think twitter is much different than facebook, never knew what they are going to do with the data. is at least using open source software. Personally, I already deleted my facebook account and never bothered getting a twitter account.

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