Distro Review: Gentoo Linux

First off, I realize that I just barely scratched the surface with this review. I thought about going through the install procedure, but I have no interest in editing hours of video down to just a few minutes. :)
I wanted to show that Gentoo has a very decent community behind it and that with a little work, you can actually make it work for you. It’s not quite as scary as I once thought.

Gentoo LiveDVD can be found on this page (as well as all of the other downloads): http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/where.xml
Sabayon can be downloaded here: http://sabayonlinux.org/mirrors

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  1. Proteinshake says:

    Nice seeing you mess with Gentoo .. finally ;=) Once you’ve compiled everything I’d like to see the next Distro Reviews running on top of it ..

    Doing a really good job BTW

  2. Emmanuel says:

    3 years ago i was alreaddy totally in to ubuntu. the first distro i tried was redhat 7 and then i tried suse 9.0 . back then it was a hell to get simple things working like sound and internet or even a mouse/touchpad.

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  4. 62 North says:


    I just saw your rewiew and quickly looked trough the first few comments…

    I want to stress out one thing in your rewview… You can run multiple emerge’s at once.
    term 1:
    emerge -uND gentoo-sources
    term 2:
    emerge kde-meta

    What did i do 3 years ago?
    I was in the middle of taking my Data Technician education.

    The first ever dist i used was gentoo, and it was in late summer 2003, it was a very steap learning curve, but once learned, you can reuse most of your knowledge from gentoo in other dists.
    I would recommend it to people that want to learn how linux is “under the hood” and can’t be bothered to go for LFS or Slackware. :P

    I used Gentoo on my desktop until early this summer.

    Today i use Ubuntu on the desktop, because i’m lazy, and debian lenny on servers, because it just works.

    62 North

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