Intro to SSH (Secure Shell) Part 1: What is SSH, and Why do I want to use it?


Welcome to the first in what I hope will be a several-part series on SSH!

If there’s something additional about SSH you’d like to see me talk about, other than what I mentioned in this video, please let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks for watching!

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9 Responses to “Intro to SSH (Secure Shell) Part 1: What is SSH, and Why do I want to use it?”

  1. adee says:

    If you gonna speak about how to set it up, you should also speak about how to prevent brute force attacks in the same video, even if it’s gonna be a little long. Otherwise many noobs will set up ssh and then become part of a nice botnet within days……

  2. molecula21 says:

    Dont forget to mention sshfs! Although it is not perfect it is extreamly useful to mount a remote directory in your local machine and browse to it as a regular local folder. It is a clear benefict for data transfers (for the ones that don’t like CLI’s like scp or have paths so long and complicated that they take 5 min just to get it right).

    Another uses for sshfs:
    - Open a video file in the sshfs mounted folder and you will have it playing with your local program, being that the data is being transfered as you see the movie (depending on network speed you can have some pauses from time to time. But it is definetly watchable).
    - The same goes for file editing, word processing, latex, etc…
    - You can automatically mount a remote directory at boot (as said in the arch wiki

    I hope it helps making a better review!

  3. Jason Odoom says:

    I love these videos. Can you make more? Could be like TWIL Linux tutorials. Would love to see installing and using JDK. The one i will really like to see is creating/ uploading a PPA to launchpad!

  4. tonyz says:

    You have the public’s attention… your on your way to becoming a household name.
    Your videos are fantastic…congratulations.

    Thank you

  5. juanito says:

    i like your show and I’m looking forward to this tutorials, thank you so much.

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