Recap of SouthEast LinuxFest by This Week In Linux


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3 Responses to “Recap of SouthEast LinuxFest by This Week In Linux”

  1. Thomas says:

    I would be very interested in seeing an interview. Not only that, I would think it would be cool just to see you talk with them on your youtube page… By the way, just an idea you might want to throw around in your head, but how about having a week dedicated to one distros development history or interesting things about that distro, I think that that would be a cool thing to see xD

  2. gatton says:

    Hey Jordan,
    Glad you could make it to SELF. I hate that I did not see you there and get to say hello. Just FYI this was the third annual SELF and the first I was able to attend (despite being just 50 miles away).

    If you are able to swing an interview with Jared or others with the Fedora project I would enjoy that. I’ve not used Fedora with any regularity for quite a few versions and am thinking of giving it another go after picking up a Live DVD this weekend (probably gonna go with KDE though since Gnome 3 wasn’t a great experience in my limited testing).

    Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed your time in our part of the country. Take care.

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