TWIL Vlog: Where have I been?

I certainly hope you guys don’t mind this, but it’s a series I’ve been running on my second YouTube channel for about a year now, and after discussing it with the viewers over there, we’re going to try merging these vlogs into the main website going forward.

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  • OniLink

    Fireworks completely legal in Kentucky? I have a bad feeling about this.
    Have fun this weekend! Don’t blow up!

  • Arthur

    I live in the Riverside County area of California and fireworks are illegal county wide. Fortunately the county line is only a mile from my house, but I miss blowing things up from home. Have a good 4th!

  • damnated

    Keep up with the vlogs as well :)

  • pete

    I happy to see the vlogs are back!

  • Kristoffer S.

    You do my favorite Linux video blog, and I also appreciate your “TWIL Vlog”, keep up the good work wherever it may be located :)

  • TWILisAwesome

    You’re on a boat. You’re on a boat. Everbody look at jkeyes cuz he’s sailin on a boat!

    Have a fun 4th of July! May the fourth be with you ;)

  • Zimopik

    I think its a really good thing to have the videos on blip because of the fact I want to support the content you push out despite the fact I’m not able to donate!
    Good to see it happen. Although, you might wanna put some more videos up on youtube to try and harness any stragglers out there who haven’t come to your website yet.
    Good luck ^.^

  • Russell

    Have fun with your parents! About the fireworks, have fun with those too! In Texas, their not allowed due to it being so dry during the summer


  • prakashkumar


    We will be with you.You are doing a great job to open source

  • Martin

    You really need to start making vlogs more often. I miss those times when you did them like almost every day…

  • Greg

    Have you tried talking to Leo Laporte at all? TWiT.TV has some great content, and they’ve got solid advertisers. I’d love to watch your show on there.

  • Parag

    Hi Jordon,

    I pray that you come out from this phase as early as possible and come to normalcy asap. We want you to keep us updated about the Linux environment like before. Wish you a wonderful week ahead and may it mend all your worries. All the Best!

  • John

    Love your linux videos, keep at it and don’t let the nonsence with you tube and google get you down.
    All the best from a supporter in the UK

  • TradieTrev

    Must admit I’m spewing having to make extra lengths to view your videos here. Rah Rah rah, must admit you push all of your content to where others may view it… it’s a good and bad thing :S . In Australia we lack on-demand content, especially any devices we can hook up to the telly (TV).

    Youtube has always been and will be a great source for quality entertainment and discussion. If there’s anyway us, as the community can help you out.. I’m willing to have my say. I’ve quite frankly had enough of adsense turning down people lately (Well known partners for no apparent reason).

    For the “invalid click” to come in place, somehow I’ve got the feeling others that may have been using your internet account (even at work) may have clicked the ads… This was something that happened to a previous workplace. In reality adsense should automatically cull clicks from your IP or google account.

    Good luck with the future mate,


  • Dave

    I enjoy your videos very much. And I look forward to watching them wherever they are.
    Good luck. Have a great holiday!

  • JamezQ

    Keep going twil!

  • Sansui350A

    Nice work Jordan, having all your content linked/embeded here on your site looks fucking EPIC. I suppose you’ve now got a major reason to do that site “remodel” you’ve mentioned a few times.. eh? :D Best of luck, this ought to work out for the best, and happy 4th..

  • andamat

    Glad to have you back!

  • Nikolajea

    why cant i find the vlog in all videos?
    i think all videos should be in the all videos menu???

  • Jordan

    I didn’t put it in “All videos” because that category is what feeds the “Featured” category on the front page …

  • Jordan

    I miss doing them more often as well, but the more often I did them, the less interesting I think they were. Sadly, my life is a bit repetitive and boring. :P

  • Jordan

    I haven’t, but I think they’ve already got a bit of a presence as far as Linux shows go (FLOSS Weekly), don’t they?

  • Jordan

    I completely understand that moving to blip and to the website is a mixed bag. It’s been tearing me up for the last 3 weeks. :/

    The funny thing about the Adsense, though? They didn’t actually say I had invalid activity. They said my account “poses a risk of generating invalid activity”. Also, I only have 2 coworkers that even know about TWIL, and I’ve told them both (repeatedly) “If you ever look at my site, DON’T click the ads… or I’ll kill you”. :P

  • Klaatu

    jordan, i’m really bummed that i missed you at SELF, i had no idea you were there.  I wanted to meet you in person and thank you for reviving my interest in and enthusiasm for KDENlive!