Novacut, A New Open-Source Video Editor! Kernel 2.6.38 Power Problems Fixed! nD Gaming Console and More!


Another wonderful week in Linux news! From info about kernel power regressions to new gaming platforms that are Linux-based, it was a banner week!

Click “Read More” to see the video and the list of all the stories mentioned.

Stories Mentioned:
Linux Mint 11 LXDE RC released!
And now, our first RC of Mandriva 2011 is at your reach!
A Comment On The Linux 2.6.38 Power Regression
Mozilla Launches New Version of Thunderbird
nD, the Linux-based $10 gaming console, the Linux Game Download Store
Novacut Pro Video Editor Kickstarter Campaign

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  • ipwnrubberduckiesftw

    great news as always! you interested about linux kernel 3.0? i am!

  • Jok3r098

    im definatley interested in seeing an interview.

    Also intterupting the video when you get ths form wrong is not cool. use a javascript AJAX post request instead of actually going to a php page to fix it

  • Ricardo Lameiro

    Please, interview the Novacut guys :D
    happy 4 of July for you.

  • gasman74

    love the intro

  • Flux41

    I would love to see the interview as well. Novacut looks like a very interesting project. Fyi, BlipTV’s fullscreen player doesn’t like a nvidia twinview/multi-monitor setup. It moves to the smallest monitor and keeps the size of the largest, so it cuts off part of the content. I know Vimeo and JWPlayer have this fixed in their players, but I thought you would like to know.

  • http://none Kalle

    Thanks for great newsvideo
    Please, interview the Novacut guys

  • codebean

    PCI ex is conflicting with the kernel. Umm no it’s the other way around, PCI express’ don’t conflict with anything they’re just PCI express lanes.

  • OniLink

    Nice intro! A little random, since you’ve never had it before, but nice anyways!

  • tepi

    I think, OpenShot is great! Novacut? I haven’t heard of it, you think it’s worth to take a look? because i am very happy with OpenShot!

  • Emerson Hitech

    Something that called my attention to Jordan’s show was the fact the he always replied the majority of the comments, but I am noticing now that this is no longer real. I just saying.

  • Russell

    I would love to see an interview from Novacut!

    Luckily my laptop doesn’t have any PCI ports :)

  • Nameless

    -.- Why more video editors? why? The power of a community is the effort of several people on one single task … with this you are simply working double ugh.

  • InfinitelyGalactic

    Hi TWIL.

    Really nice intro, very nice work. Great to see your news videos running silky smooth – content wise. Would be great to see an interview. Thanks again.

  • TheServeradmin

    Nice Video man. Sorry about your adsense. I’ll stop by here and watch the vids. Please keep updating on Youtube.

  • Jack

    Nice video as always Jordan!

  • Huri

    The ideas behind Novacut are a lot different than any existing product. Before you go “oh, why another video editor”, you should check it out.

    It has the potential to completely revolutionize the way indie artists work together to make films.

    This is a project worth helping out! I’ve donated directly and pledged towards their Kickstarter campaign, and I think if you are at all interested in film creation, video editing and/or awesome open source projects, you should do the same.

    Go Novacut!

  • earl cameron

    hey twil guy! i still watch thiss!!!!

  • Benjamin

    Does anyone know if Thunderbird 5 works with addons (a) provider for Google calendar and (b) lightning?

  • TWIL

    Interested, but not as excited as a lot of people seem to be. I feel lucky that I will have it very soon after it releases, thanks to Arch being a rolling-release distro. :)

  • TWIL

    You’re absolutely right. Currently it’s just using the standard wordpress commenting system. Several people have asked for Disqus. I’m not familiar with it yet, but I believe it’s realtime updating, and doesn’t require a full POST to post the data.

  • TWIL

    Blip’s does? I use Nvidia twinview on my Arch machine downstairs, and I don’t believe it does that for me. I’ll have to check. Thanks for mentioning it!

  • TWIL

    Off the top of my head, I can’t remember how i phrased it, but I thought I mentioned that it was the kernel and the BIOS fighting for control over the PCI-E link management itself.

  • TWIL

    Thanks! A viewer named saymoo made it for me a while back, and I had lost it until today. I like it a lot!

  • TWIL

    Once there’s a public version available, I definitely think it will be worth a look, if you’re into more “pro” editing. They’re looking to be an open source alternative to Final Cut Pro, with cloud features and just general awesomeness. :)

  • TWIL

    You’re absolutely right. I’ve been having a hard time keeping up motivation lately, and life has been stressful (as usual, though moreso). I cut back on replying to every comment on YouTube, and am trying to focus more on the website now.

  • TWIL

    I’m not sure on the specifics, but if I get the chance to interview them, I’ll make sure to add that as a question. :)

  • TWIL

    I’ll definitely see what I can come up with. Thanks for the comment!

  • TWIL

    I really liked the ideas behind the cloud editing. I don’t know how many times I’ve had people ask if they can help out with editing, but it just doesn’t seem feasible with the current solutions.

  • whatnameisavailablee

    I’m not interested in a video editor, but I think it would be good! I want them to succeed even if I don’t use a video editor… and it would be fun to learn more regardless.

  • Joe Steiger

    Gasp! New intro. Very cool!

  • Anonymous

    Hooray, Disqus comments!

  • Daniel Jonsson

    nD looks really cool. It may be my first handheld console I buy if it is for real. But the price seems a bit too good to be true.

  • Tununias

    happy forthajuly!

  • Tununias

    I love the intro!

  • Anonymous

    Disqus FTW! :)

  • Anonymous


  • Ezra Sharp

    Dooo it!! =D Interview Novacut! =D show some shots of the interface? :P

  • Ezra Sharp

    omg… =D =D very nice!!!

  • Mike McHale

    Would like to see more about linux editors – thanks !

  • Justiceh

    yeah nice intro

  • Ludwigspiegel

    Happy Fourth of July as well Jordan! I hope that you had a great time with your family!

  • kaymor

    do you sell those this week in linux t-shirts?

  • Azou8506

    ++ keep up the good work++

  • Guest

    go man
    good video
    and yes I like to see an interview with Novacut

  • MrSmoke

    Yes please on the interview. Would love to see that.

  • Donald Alexander Stibich

    happy 4 of july

  • Arthur Reeder

    I’ve heard of Novacut before. I’m not sure “cloud” based video editing is even a realistic feature. It would take too long to upload the clips to the “cloud”.

  • Christian Knudsen

    The nD is a pipedream. The guy claiming to make it is also the buy behind Bob’s Game, a somewhat amateurish RPG that he wanted Nintendo to publish. When they said no thanks, he decided he’d just make his own handheld. People have been asking for a video of the prototype he claims to have running. He originally promised to post a video “within the week”. Several weeks later, no video, and his excuse is that he can make better use of his time than recording a video. If this thing ever sees the light of day, I’ll be very surprised…

  • Robin Jacobs

    An interview with the makers of NovaCut would seem very interesting, mainly because there aren’t that many good video editors for Linux… Actually, if there are any, I haven’t found them yet xD

  • andamat

    Nice one, hope you make this interview happen. I think the occasional interview would make a nice addition to your site, if you’d find the time:-)

  • Bas

    I’m sorry but i don’t like the ‘news like’ intro. TBH I don’t really care about them either.
    It really sucks that you have left YouTube. I know that YT abandoned you, but I got that same feeling that you’re doing exactly the same with your viewers.
    I know that you want more traffic for your website, but your website doesn’t have anything interesting on it. So please just put a link to, or write decent articles on your website.
    I unsubscribe for now, unless you go back to YT again.

    It’s great to see that they’ve found the problem for the power regression. I’m not a laptop user myself, but I really think the laptop-users will appriciate this fix.

  • Jordan

    I do! Sadly, I only make about $1.50 per shirt.

  • Jordan

    I’m curious to see how that would work as well.

  • Daniel Stott

    Have you heard of the OpenPandora? The nD gaming console thingy reminded me of it, though they have little in common except that they play games.
    Sadly because its a little indie hardware project the cost of the device is quite high :(

  • Linux4UnMe

    Cool Intro, although would be better if the music was more exciting :) hehehe

  • Novacut

    Thanks, Huri!  Try as we might, we seem to get stuck at the “why another video editor” question with most people in the FOSS community (which sucks, because that’s where our roots are).

    We don’t want people to use something besides OpenShot or PiTiVi or Kdenlive.  To be blunt, if you’re using any of them, you’re not our target user (although hopefully Novacut could still be useful to you).

    Our goal is to build professional storytellers something *decisively* better than Final Cut Pro (including best of FCPX).  Again to be blunt, the other FOSS editors aren’t even on our radar, because we’re too busy trying to beat *Apple*.

    So thanks for sticking up for us, Huri!

    As for the naysayers, considering that these to professional editors have probably never considered editing on Linux, yet listen to what they have to say about Novacut:

  • iccord

    I would like to heard an interview on Novacut mainly on their cloud, great into.:) 

  • Metalx2000

    I’m very excited about this Novacut.
    I’ve been searching all about since I watched this video.
    But, looks like they tried this once before and failed:

    Hope for better turn out this time around.

  • RétroX

    This is probably the biggest problem with the FOSS community.  Once you get past the command line to anything graphical, there’s a lot of duplicated effort.  This is exactly the reason why GNOME 2 turned to dust.

  • Rex Su

    eh… of course we want interview of novacut…

  • James McClain

    Ah,, like the new comments system.

  • James McClain


  • Big_belly_bob

    Novacut sounds interesting

  • Ninjadd

    Yeah love the new intro. I hope to see more interesting news from you as soon as you can of course. Thank you by the way, I love your blog.

  • psychoclown420

    That nD console looks awesome

  • Alan Hettinger

    nice intro, did you use a specific program to make it?

  • JackS

    nD, ok seems like a good idea, but is it really??

    The resolution on the screen is very low, and now that everyone has a smart phone with much much higher resolutions sporting 600mhz to 1.5ghz and some with dual cores? how is this a viable platform?  even non-smart phones have the same screen resolution!

    I think the general idea behind it is a sound one, and I think selling it at cost is a great idea with only taking 10% from game sales.  The specs just need to be higher!! 800×480 at the very least! 320×240??? 3d processing is a must!!  SD card slot would be nice as well! If processors are that cheap then why just have one? 3-4 cpus would have a lot of power and offset any weak 3d performance.

    I say Increase the price to 40$-50$, make it 800×480, 3 cpus (300mhz+ each), a gpu with some 3d acceleration, SD card slot, increase the button count and/or a few analog nobs! or a touch screen!! 256mg of RAM! 6 axis sensors would be great too!

    Now that you did all that! it might as well be a phone!  Sell a stock android phone where the user/owner is root by default and can work on any network with a bit of bluetooth and wifi, and sell it for 80$ cost and it will sell like hot cakes!  have your own appstore for indie games!  or you could just have a appstore for indie games and forget having a platform altogether?

    ok the last bit was just a joke :)

  • xseidon

    New intro, nice that novacut project looks interesting you should interview them, also just a suggestion i think you should do a makeover to your website, now that your gonna have more traffic.

  • Joseph Dickson

    cloud based video HD editing now that sounds pretty damn cool

  • grandmasterhack

    im preordering nD. i’m downloading the sdk right now.

  • QueenZ

    Of course we want to see the interview with the Novacut devs!!!

  • QueenZ

    I have been looking everywhere for a Novacut screenshot… where can i see one?

  • Shane Quigley

    Awesome setup in the background :)

  • Metalx1000

    So, I was really excited when I saw this video and I started checking out NovaCut.  But, then I found out that they tried to raise money like this before and failed.  No problem, it happens. 

    I pledged $25.  I normally only donate to projects I know and trust, but this seemed like a really exciting project, and at this point it is only a pledge, not a donation.

    But, more and more I looked into the project, more and more I was disappointing in what I found.  I could only find them talking about the project, and nothing really that was part of the project. No source code, no screen shots, no videos showing what they had.

    Finally I sent them a message asking where the source code was.  They sent me a link.  As far as a I can tell, all the code does so far is copy video files from a memory card or drive.  That’s it.  That’s all I could see.  This project has been around for about a year based on the last time they tried to raise money and all they have it a script that copies files?

    I maybe wrong, but this project seems like a fail from the beginning.  They are selling and product that doesn’t exist. I hope I’m wrong.  I hope this turns out to be a great project that makes some nice software.  But I cancelled my pledge and I’ll be donating my $25 to the Kdenlive project instead.

    Jordan, please keep us updated on this project and anything you find out.  Once again, I really hope that I’m wrong.

  • Jordan

    I’m not 100% on this one, but I believe “Novacut” is the combination of Dmedia ( ) and a frontend that they’re designing during this fundraising phase of the process.
    I’m not sure which source they pointed you to, but it’s entirely possible the frontend they’re designing only copies video files in at this point, and will grow and change significantly over the next month.

  • dardevelin

    Hello, I would just would like to know if the cloud side will be open source as well, because i’ve seen this approach b4 and i’m not enjoying. eg chromium browser, the google account sync feature, without the cloud side, is useless. And i don’t think Movie studio will use a software uses the cloud of other company. All the cloud approach is coming with very few or none questions regarding to user data concerns and people embracing this will mean loose of what we already gain with free software and open source control over our machines and data. Embracing this with no questions = client-side apps taking place, oh and they will even give you the code of the client, guess what, wont matter ). 

  • grandmasterhack

    thats not what they’re going for.the ds(i) doesnt even feature half the stuff you mention and it costs over $100 to make profit off of.

  • grandmasterhack

    its not 16bit games its a 16bit processor.

  • Jordan

    The front page of the nD website says “it’s a new generation of more powerful 16-bit games”

  • Asa Dawson

    The “mastermind” behind the nD is someone who makes up stories about the games he makes, and his new platforms every few years. I’m 99% certain it’s vaporware.

  • Gregor Simm

    An interview would be awesome… that project sounds great!!!
    And yes, I like your new intro, too. :D

  • Tfm357

    yeah do an interview!

  • watching_user

    Why is there no ad on your site or before/in your video that could support you for your great work you are doing? You should really consider to add some ad on your site!

  • watching_user

    Why is there no ad on your site or before/in your video that could support you for your great work you are doing? You should really consider to add some ad on your site!

  • Fabian Lazarte

    what do you use to edit your videos?

  • Santiago Pérez Rocha León

    That Novacut sound nice, but have you look’d at lightworks? is opensource and is supuse to take a Linux version out soon,

  • Akshat Jain

    Its not ‘cloud based’ but rather ‘cloud enabled’, it takes the advantage of cloud if there is one, ‘cloud’ here refers to multiple machine so the cloud can also be in your local network.

    And yes, everything is open source.

  • Novacut

    If you’re not convinced, that’s fine.  We’re not trying to twist people’s arms.

    But to say that dmedia is just a “script that copies files” is wildly untrue.  If you doubt this, I suggest looking at:

    dmedia is unique as far as I know, so it’s a bit difficult to explain.  But dmedia is our solution to Media Asset Management.  dmedia is also what people call an “object store”, and has some similarities to a lot of enterprise storage products.  Except dmedia is *very* simple and is peer to peer (doesn’t need a controller server).


  • Conal McLaughlin

    hee hee hee, I see a copy of brood war on your shelf.  nice.  I knew you had to be an SC fan too

    Interview please!

  • windows+linux_guy

    nice new intro! it looks very slick and professional

  • Akshat Jain
  • aChipmunk

    Yes for the interview! Also nice starcraft box set on your shelf!

  • John

    I’d definitely want an interview with the guys who work on Novacut!!!
    Skype for Linux works great so maybe you will make us happy!:D