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Setting up Xorg, Gnome, Pulseaudio and codecs on Arch Linux

After posting the latest Arch Installation tutorial, I realized I should probably post a list of the commands I used, and what some of them do, so here you go!

Awesome comic

Announcement: Schedule Changes Coming!

Sometime around the end of March I decided to move to a 3-day a week schedule with an “Intro to” series on Mondays, “This Week In Linux News” on Fridays, and “Distro Reviews” on Wednesdays. This has worked out fairly well for the last 2.5 months or so, but I feel it’s time for a

Something new comin in 10.10. OOO!

By now most of you know that new look that Ubuntu 10.04 will bring, you know the one which will have the close, minimize/maximize buttons on the left. There’s been a lot of criticisms about that style looking too much like Mac OS. Mark ShuttleWorth responded to those criticisms saying he got “something new” planned

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Alpha 3 screenshots

Most likely you are excited about the next version of Ubuntu, I know I am. The 3rd Alpha of the next version of Ubuntu was released a few days ago so I got some screenshots for you guys. It looks absolutely fantastic, and it runs even quicker than the last. The wonderful dark default theme