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Fedora 13 Talking Points

Originally posted on So with 13 alpha just around the corner I figure I’d cover MY favourite Talking Points. The complete list can be found here. NetworkManager improvements include CLI Being a command line junkie myself, this is a very welcome addition. I happen to think that it will also make the lives of

Why I love Fedora / Linux

Originally posted on Have you ever had one of those moments where something that happened has made you realize how much you love this whole Fedora thing (I’m going with Fedora here because that happens to be the place/distro where I witnessed this, I’m sure the same can be found in other distros). Now

Palm Makes a Great Showing at CES

At CES back at the beginning of January, Palm made a 50-minute presentation which is now available in its entirety on YouTube. Here you go: Some great new things were mentioned for the Pre including 3D gaming and video recording (only 320×240 for now, but they’re supposed to improve it with a firmware update eventually).

Phoronix Examines EXT4 Performance

Phoronix EXT4

Phoronix performed a thorough investigation into the speed differences of EXT4 across multiple versions of the Linux kernel. It seems sometime around version 2.6.31 there were some major changes made that drastically impacted the performance of EXT4. What I gathered from the article was that quite a bit of error checking and correction was added

.EU Petition to Stop Software Patents

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how much I agree with this cause… a petition is available for concerned Europeans to attempt to put a stop to patenting software. Please go there and let your voice be heard if you agree with them.